Tattoo Aftercare

You will need: mild antibacterial soap (e.g., gold Liquid Dial or clear Softsoap), paper towels, unscented lotion (e.g., Curel, Aveeno, Eucerin).

  1. Wash your hands.
  2. Remove bandage after 2-4 hours, unless otherwise instructed.
  3. Wash your tattoo thoroughly, using hot running water, a mild anti-bacterial soap and a clean bare hand.
  4. Rinse your tattoo thoroughly, using cool running water, and making sure you have completely cleaned the area. Repeat step 3 if necessary.
  5. Blot your tattoo dry, using clean single-use paper towels.
  6. Before getting dressed, allow tattoo to air dry for 15-20 minutes.
  7. Repeat this process (with the exception of Step 2) 3-5 times a day, for the next 2 weeks, or until your tattoo is healed. 
  8. Apply a small amount of unscented lotion to your tattoo at signs of dryness or itching.

DO NOT re-bandage your tattoo unless otherwise instructed by your artist. Your tattoo needs to breathe to heal normally.

DO NOT use any soaps or moisturizers containing dyes or fragrances.

DO NOT submerge or soak your tattoo under water until it is fully healed. This means no swimming pools, hot tubs, bath tubs, ocean, etc.

DO NOT tan or expose your tattoo to direct sunlight until it is fully healed.

DO NOT pick, peel, or scratch your new tattoo.

DO NOT use petroleum based products (A&D, Neosporin, Vaseline, etc.)

DON NOT use rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide on your new tattoo. 

ALWAYS remember to wash your hands before touching your new tattoo.